The Young European Left says NO to the EU-Turkey Deal

The Young European Left opposes the agreement between Turkey and the European Union. The agreement between Turkey and the EU to return refugees from Greece back to Turkey entered into force on the 20th of March.

The Young European Left is deeply concerned about the EU`s policies in the refugee crisis.
The policies have not tackled the root causes of the crisis or searched for genuine solutions. Instead, the EU has turned its back on people’s genuine distress. A common european solution to the the refugee crisis is definitely needed but the chosen direction is terrifying.

Until now, Greece, despite its difficult financial situation, has been left alone to cope with refugee and migrant flows in a humanitarian way, while countries of the Balkans closed their borders and spread racist speech.

AtIn the same time, There are more than 2.8 million refugees in Turkey, where there is no functioning asylum system or proper international protection, for those who need it.

This means that many people might be returned back to areas and countries where they are not safe and this turns out to be an outright a direct violation of the Geneva convention, as stated by the United Nations’ refugee agency. The refugee flows are not going to stop, because there is no way to prevent desperate people fleeing from a horrible war from chasing a better future no matter how dangerous this chase will be. The agreement will mean that the refugee families will seek even more dangerous routes to Europe.

Their need to seek safety and humane life does not end with this agreement.

Instead we need to create a safe passage to and throughto Europe, proper chances for people to get their right to seek for asylum processed and most of all to do everything possible to end the war in Syria and restore peace and democracy in the region through diplomatic initiatives.

It’s extremely alarming that the EU is willing to spend more money on keeping refugees out and close itstheir eyes on the human rights issues in Turkey, than to actually help people. It is clear that the EU abolishes its fundamental values and turns back to its darkest past, selling its resposability to Turkey in exchange of easiness to become part of the UE in a near future.

The European left youth demands that the EU to respects the human rights of refugees, which are not for sale. It is the utmost duty of all democratic and progressive forces of Europe to choose sides, to strengthen the solidarity to the refugees and migrants and to fight against Fortress Europe, racism and fascism.

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